Amid Decision To Close, Reports Hot Wallet Theft

Off the back of an announcement that the bitcoin/altcoin exchange would be going offline as of the 31st of March due to low trading volume, the site now reports that its hot wallet has been emptied to the tune of about 42 BTC 37 BTC1 The alleged theft comes just one month after's twitter account claimed that its users bitcoins were safe due to the site being "too small and insignificant" to matter.

Of the 37 BTC alleged to have been stolen, 10.86 BTC were owned by, 30 24 BTC owned by users of the site with the remaining BTC held in a fund for charity. It's not known at this time if any of the altcoins which were available to trade on the site were also stolen. tweets that the bitcoins have been withdrawn to the address 17B8qfaeNsv3TZbpycUs6dkzYiJGWNeCw5. The first sign that something was amiss with the exchange came a few hours ago when a message assumed to have been tweeted by the administrator of was made. It reads:

"Fuck wordpress, and fuck this crypto bullshit. I'm done." was launched in early 2014 but having failed to gain traction, made the decision to shut last month. At launch, the site promised various features such as anonymous account creation. This enabled users to create an account without an email address with the additional perk being that promised not log the IP address of users utilising anonymous accounts.

  1. It was at first claimed on the website that the theft totalled 42 BTC – 12 BTC owned by the site and 30 BTC owned by users. The twitter account claims different figures

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  1. I'll be posting a complete breakdown of what I've found later today, hopefully. Obviously, sorting this all out is a time consuming process. Would be open to discussing as well. We've always been about transparency, and want to get as much info out about this as possible.

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