AMHash Reports Theft Of Bitcoin Mining Equipment

AMHash1, the "mining security" whereby friedcat's ASICMiner provided the hashing power to be managed by RockMiner and sold to investors in 1 gigahash parcels via Havelock Investments, reports today via Bitcoin Talk that their mining hardware has been stolen. A short statement by AMHash reads:


The 3.546PH AMHash's hashrates have disappeared since 25th Dec 2014. We found this problem two days later,we asked friedcat,he said it was mining farm's maintenance issues,hashrates would come back soon.But one week later,hashrates didn't come back yet.When we asked FC again, we were told that all mining devices were robbed by the partner of the mining farm.And all hashrates were out of control.
After then, FC told us that hashrates from new mining farms will be deployed, but we didn't know the amount at that time.Right now, we still don't receive any update from those new hashrates.

AMHash Team

AMHash suspended dividend payments to its investors early last month after ASICMiner failed to send it bitcoin payments owed from February 8th onwards. The trading of AMHash on Havelock Investments was also suspended despite Havelock Investments itself remaining offline for a considerable amount of time, making the security difficult to trade in the first place.

AMHash was marketed to investors as having a guaranteed profit. That section of the IPO reads:

Guaranteed profit; Compared to others, AMHash1 Fund will pay you dividends based on hashrate equivalent calculation protecting your earnings and shielding you from hardware maintenance cost and risk.

Technically speaking, investors are receiving the expected dividend of zero on the basis that AMHash now operates at a hash rate of zero as a result of the theft.

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