Alleged USMS Auction Winner Leaves Eldritch Message

Reuters reports that an auction for 50,000 BTC held last week by the USMS was allegedly won by three bidders who each took home 27,000, 20,000 and 3,000 BTC respectively. Spokesman for the USMS Lynzey Donahue confirmed with Reuters via email that the transfer of the coins is complete, but did not specify who the winners are. The distribution of the 50,000 BTC believed to have been purchased at auction is as follows:

27K BTC sent from alleged USMS address 1DNM1TgbL8yYTsDzADw9W17Es2BEezMBpi to 1Q4Mx23w3CJ2o1g6Q7n1972YYETTdf4rfk to 18jB5PxgGMmAWq69B5jQUCLAgXGWK36foh later arrived at 1DPx2UJtwCQ3N8eGiuDoZSCB7x3rAPWcXw before being broken up in the smaller transactions.

1DPx2UJtwCQ3N8eGiuDoZSCB7x3rAPWcXw is an address which appears to be associated with a company by the name of Cumberland Mining. This same address was posted in a sole tweet dated January 9th 2015 by the account @Cumberland_BTC. Interestingly, of the 5 twitter accounts @Cumberland_BTC follows1, Mircea Popescu's @trilema was the first account @Cumberland_BTC followed. Also, the avatar used by @Cumberland_BTC is possibly a reference to an episode of the Upright Citizens Brigade TV show named Children's Revolution whereby one boy stands up to the bully who drives the school bus. The Upright Citizens Brigade TV show is described by Wikipedia as:

The show centered on a group called 'The Upright Citizens Brigade', an underground organization "with no government ties and unlimited resources" dedicated to creating and monitoring chaos from their secure underground base. The sketches depict chaotic or bizarre events in the world, events which are shown to be often directly engineered by the UCB.

The additional 20,000 and 3,000 BTC allegedly won by two other bidders do not appear at this time to have any such esoteric meanings attributed to them.

  1. @trilema, @Coinfloor, @GetCoinCafe, @BitsofGoldLTD and @SimplexCC 

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  2. THIS is a structural wall…..

    this is a structural wall

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