Tour Of A Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Vice's Motherboard has released a ten minute video depicting the life and times of a Chinese Bitcoin mine and its staff. The video, shot back in October of 2014, tours one of a handful of Chinese mining facilities owned by four shareholders, one of whom claimed the mine represented 3% of the Bitcoin network at the time of shooting.

At its peak, each facility mined a total of 100 bitcoins per day but that had dropped to 20-25 bitcoins come October 2014. It's claimed the 1,250 kW of electricity that powers the miners runs at a cost of $80,000 per month. Staff working at the mine recycle and repurpose old miners to keep costs down and with the facility littered with hundreds of broken and obsolete miners, there is no obvious shortage of parts.

Sharing some similarities with the World of Warcraft gold mining industry, staff working at the mine live on site in order to maintain the 24/7 operation. During free time, staff are found to be listening to audiobooks and playing games such as the Diablo 2 spiritual successor Path of Exile.

The full video is available here.

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