The Superfish Funder List

In the wake of yesterday's disclosure of Lenovo's appalling inclusion of the Superfish malware on their OEM Windows installs, let us highlight the Venture Capital Firms which made Superfish possible:

  • Vintage Investment Partners – Other ventures funded include Outbrain and Gigya.
  • DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson – Aspiring Bitcoin capitalist Tim Draper is a cofounder of this outfit. They also have investments in CoinBase, a similar anti-privacy company.
  • Xenia Venture Capital
  • The Individual's Venture Fund

Let us all also offer an honorable mention to Adi Pinhas CEO, Michael Chertok CTO, and Tuvia Barlev, Chairman of the Board. Superfish has offices in Palo Alto, California and Petah Tiqva, Israel. By all appearances Superfish par for the course when it comes to Venture Capital funded Silicon Valley startups down to the Crunchbase entry.

7 thoughts on “The Superfish Funder List

  1. Exactly the right approach : publicize the fuckers.


    Professor Tomaso Poggio, PH.D – MIT
    Prof Lior Wolf – MIT/Tel Aviv
    Professor Yosi Keller – Yale/Bar-Ilan
    Olga Russakovsky, PH.D – Stanford (Fei-Fei)
    Ron Bekkerman, PH.D – University of Massachusetts

  3. Roger Barry from IVF is a particular dick head!!

  4. look into who made the most money. Installcore undoubtedly brokered this deal and kept the lion's share. Haven't seen them mentioned anywhere

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