Summary of MPEx Stocks & Funds January 2015

Monthly statements from stocks listed at the MPEx exchange have been released for January. Official reports are available at Trilema. Here are some highlights, with assets listed in order of market cap1 :

MPEx (S.MPOE, market cap 403,020) reported a net profit of 520 btc, with 500 btc coming from new account fees. The MPEx exchange has seen a slight uptrend in volume over the past several months, the January volume was the highest since April of last year.

MiniGame (S.MG, market cap 7,928) continues development of the game Eulora, the latest projected delivery date is next April.

The synthetic derivatives fund F.DERP (F.DERP, market cap 7,381) quietly started selling shares this month. Due to low volumes, the January report will be combined with the February report next month.2

BitBet (S.BBET, market cap 2,000) reported a profit of 6.4 btc.

No Such lAbs (S.NSA, maket cap 520), has started branching out from the original hardware target of the company, as described in the previous Qntra article No Such lAbs teases future developments.

Mircea Popescu's Investment Fund (F.MPIF, market cap 448) reported a loss of 0.13%, which corresponds to an annualized yield of -1.6%. The fund has a large amount of unutilized bitcoin capital. The two consequences of this are that for the near term the gains or losses will remain quite low, and they are actively searching for new quality bitcoin investments. For example, there were some exchanges in the #bitcoin-assets IRC channel between the fund manager, Mircea Popescu, and one Adlai, who has designed a trading bot to operate on bitcoin/fiat exchanges. Although no agreement was reached at the time, this shows the types of investments the fund is considering. (S.QNTR, market cap 31) issued 22,926 shares a 14.4% increase in outstanding shares, or 173% annualized increase. Although Qntra is quickly becoming the best source of bitcoin news, they have yet to implement any sort of revenue plan.

  1. Market cap data was calculated on 10 February 2015, current data is available at 

  2. 16:00:31 PeterL: ;; later tell mircea_popescu is there no report for F.DERP for january? 16:36:20 mircea_popescu: PeterL not much trade, gonna do a joint statement 

2 thoughts on “Summary of MPEx Stocks & Funds January 2015

  1. Well, QNTRA is so far doing pretty much what VC start-ups are doing, except a lot more transparently. I think this beats the "series" process by a wide margin.

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    Click my name for the bot's github. You can run it yourself, if you're feeling adventurous, or hit me up in #b-a, if you're feeling charitable.

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