Seals With Clubs Shutters

On an announcement replacing their normal front page one of Bitcoin's longest tenured poker sites, Seals with Clubs, has decided to close their doors citing "Operational Security" concerns. They cite without specifics several events which occurred around February 11th, 2015 as being the catalyst for the decision, offering that if Seals with Clubs continued as presently structured it would be "in a perpetual state of jeopardy." They are advising users to withdraw their funds as soon as possible.

The announcement offers that some branding and software assets from the venture will be offered to Brian Micon to continue the brand, but without the oversight and administrative support which had been provided by the other stakeholders in the original Seal with Clubs venture. Account authentication information and balance information are being kept from the splinter venture, and the original domain along with various social media accounts are being reserved for processing customer withdrawals. Micon's operation is instead being offered the domain. Micon's venture is also receiving account names, email addresses, and "krill" promotional points balances.

In operation since 2011 Seals with Clubs has faced security scares before. Back in December 2013 they reported a database breach where salted and hashed passwords were thought to be compromised. This closure comes at the end of a week which featured multiple Bitcoin exchange closures.

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