Scotland Takes Symbolic Step Towards Online Independence

The Register reports that the Scottish government has moved its online home from '' to '' in a move that pleases the leadership of the Scottish National Party. Last year a ballot initiative which would have opened the path for Scotland to render the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' instead merely the 'United Kingdom of Lower Britain and Northern Ireland' was defeated. Continued nationalist sentiment and dissatisfaction with English governance has left London forced to continue throwing money at Scotland in an effort to bribe the Scottish people into docility.

The various Anglo Saxon tribal groups which occupy the British Isles have historically had very tense and contentious relationships ever since the Roman Occupation ended. Though Dutch conqueror William of Orange along with his successor and sister in law Queen Anne did much to pacify tribal tensions for quite some time, it seems almost certain that the continued erosion in tribal relations will lead to a political divorce of these groups in the not too distant future.

Prospects for Lower Britain and the London government after a split with Scotland would be grim. Scotland is home to the present Union's nuclear arsenal and produces much of Britain's agricultural and mineral wealth. Further Lower Britain appears ready to begin extraordinary feats of spending on social programs to placate an increasingly dissatisfied Scottish population taking on an incredible debt load in an attempt to ward off the inevitable division. The ability of London to continue the pretense of serving as a capital of global financial activity on the strength of history and the pound which was once sterling is also likely to become improbable if not impossible.

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