Purported Silk Road 2.0 Dataset Up for Auction

Someone who describes their self as a having been "hired by Dread Pirate Roberts a/k/a Blake Benthall as lead programmer for Silk Road 2.0" is offering for sale a dataset which they allege contains numerous record relating to and source code for running the Silk Road in its second incarnation. The first portion of the sale is occurring on Darkleaks, an information market which is advertised as being trustless and provably fair.

The seller goes by the handle sr_doug on Reddit where they cross posted an advertisement for the auction. Given the general swiftness with which the Silk Road 2.0 fell to law enforcement and how thoroughly law enforcement had penetrated the Silk Road 2.0, potential buyers should seriously evaluate the very real risk that the sale may be part of a law enforcement operation to identify people involved in darkmarkets. The division of the sale between the initial phase on the trustless market with further sales subject to negotiation, is suggestive of the possibility that this sale could be law enforcement placing a honeypot out there to attract leads for prosecution to them.

This law enforcement modus operandi is not unheard of with most terror plots foiled in the United States post 9-11 having begun with FBI agents prodding angry loners into buying fake explosives for them or carrying out elaborate assassination plots with fake "death ray" devices. The early involvement of Homeland Security agent 'Cirrus' in the Silk Road 2.0 from its earliest days indicates that United States law enforcement is already growing future darkmarket prosecutions in their own controlled environment.

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