New All Time High In Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

Despite January 27th's drop in the mining difficulty by -6.14%, today's adjustment increased by 7.71%, taking the difficulty to a new all time high of 44,455,415,962. The hash rate at the time of today's increase was 318,224,263 GH/s, up from 295,442,739 GH/s on January 27th.

The new ATH for Bitcoin's mining difficulty, despite a drop in the price, is in striking contrast to Litecoin, whose difficulty has dropped by 20% since December 2014. It is up to the reader to discern which network is healthy and which is not.

3 thoughts on “New All Time High In Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

  1. And everyone is saying they'll switch to something like Litecoin if they can't get their precious hard fork.

  2. they are both sick and dying according to their charts. Btc is in better shape, no doubt, but the price says that already being worth over 125 ltc up from 100 last december.

  3. also, ltc shot to both its legs when it went merged mining with dogecoin. otherwise would be much higher, both in hashrate and difficulty.

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