Is Bitnplay A Case Of Shuffle Up And Steal?

With the launch day for Bitnplay's Bitcoin based poker website having come and gone with yet a single hand to be dealt, it appears that the debut event for the site was cancelled due to unexpected server issues. Opting to update poker players via twitter instead of their own website, Bitnplay stated:

"The Partner's Freeroll has been cancelled due to unexpected server problems. We greatly apologize and we're working on the comeback."

As of this moment, Bitnplay's last post to the BitcoinTalk forum was back on January 25th in which they hyped the soon to launch site. It reads:

Hey everyone. Bitnplay is one week away from the launch and we're very excited about getting the first games out there.

Bitnplay is designed to grow and offer some great features and surprises that we are confident the Bitcoin-poker community will love.

In order to keep the right bearing we will constantly be integrating your feedback into the Poker room. As you may know SNGs are going to be a big part of our initial games offering.

Please take a few seconds to answer three questions regarding your SNG preference:

We appreciate the feedback that has been coming in, either through this forum, directly by email or using the form on the website. Keep it coming.

Bitnplay's failure to launch comes off the back of what can only be described as a disappointing result in an attempt to raise 400 BTC. Offering a total of 200 tokens to investors via CounterParty, Bitnplay managed to sell a grand total of 5, netting them 10 BTC.

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