Inside The Bitcoin Mine Of Antpool &

Images which allegedly depict the site of two of the alleged largest bitcoin mining farms in world have been shared via the Chinese blogging site Weibo. The photos showcase what is home to the alleged miners of Antpool and, which as of today represents 19.2% and 7.9% of the hashrate respectively.

The text accompanying the images claims1 10% of the miners are perhaps resold as cloudminers and that the 100 petahash operation mines or has mined 1077 BTC with an "output value of 1.6 million a month."

The buildings featured in the photos were custom built for the purpose of bitcoin mining according to an article by The Coinsman, which describes the operation as secretive despite numerous photos of the mine's construction and now operation available online.

  1. That is if Google translate is to be believed. If you can read Chinese and translate accurately to English, please get in touch. 

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