IBL, Almost Larger Than IRL

First ever (as far as we currently know – if you know different say something) Bitcoin transaction to be broadcast from Antarctica, in sum of 0.1337 BTC, originated at Port Lockroy and went to Trilema's paywall piggybank, courtesy of Chris Lamprecht.

In the immortal words of a certain attorney,

"There’s a distinction between the Internet and IRL for a reason. We are here in IRL, and we have to make judgements in IRL."

If that distinction ever was Antarctica, it is so no longer. We have no doubt that it still remains, somewhere. Perhaps if not to be found on land, to be found in people's heads. Especially should they just so happen to be older people, burdened with ample vested interests in obsolete forms and structures, blessed with precious little room for intellectual curiosity.

The only remaining question is, will Bitcoin be the first cryptocurrency to literally go to the moon ?

One thought on “IBL, Almost Larger Than IRL

  1. Being in the clouds already, I'd say Bitcoin is well on its way!

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