HSBC Clients Victims of Probable Social Engineering Attack

Private financial information on a number of customers of HBSC's Swiss operations have been leaked. The Guardian and the "International Consortium of Investigative Journalists" have latched on to the leaks in order to shame HSBC for providing financial services and to wealth shame HSBC customers for having money and desiring privacy at the same time.

Details on how the leak occurred have not been made public by any of the venues spreading the information, but given the public disclosure being directly through "journalistic" outlets is incredibly suggestive of the vulnerability allowing the leaks involving a social engineering attack.

Social engineering is of course one of the most devastating avenues for attack a person or institution might face. Socially engineered attacks range from malicious actors working into a trusted position as likely happened at HSBC, to supposed experts promoting practices that weaken technical security measures. In any situation a social engineering attack involves culturing a misplaced trust such that the social engineer may attack directly or receive your compliance in creating a vulnerability for another party to exploit.

2 thoughts on “HSBC Clients Victims of Probable Social Engineering Attack

  1. Britain is currently the worst country for the despicable practice of "wealth shaming" where anyone with money is immediately suspect, treated as probably guilty of something, and routinely told that they must, "pay their fair share". The suffering poor of Britain, whose pain is caused entirely by the State and not the rich, are preyed upon by the anti-rich campaigners by distorting English and promoting and inflaming jealousy.

    The fact of the matter is that HSBC, despite being a State sanctioned fiat machine is doing men a service by keeping their money out of reach of the State. The same people in the State who claim that the rich are not "contributing to society" in the last 48 hours have promised to funnel money stolen from the taxpayers (the rich) to arm Ukraine, with machinery manufactured by their personal acquaintances.

    The people who remove their money from the reach of warmongers and socialists are doing everyone a great service, while simultaneously serving their own interests. By keeping their money from the clutches of the State, they force the State to squeeze the ordinary man till he bleeds from his ears. When the ordinary man sees how "his money" is being wasted on undeclared wars, filling the coffers of State sanctioned charities, bailouts, and all the other insanity that the State spends other people's money on, he quite rightly chafes, and puts pressure on the State to back off from the blood soaked international stage and its other myriad shenanigans.

    The rich are more intelligent and resourceful than the ordinary man. They take more risks and are not satisfied with being and living like everyone else. That is why they are wealthy. They can see a scam from a thousand miles away, and the State looks just like a scam because it is a scam. This is why they use their resources to keep their money and other property out of reach of the State. They are right, and morally justified to do so, on every level.

    What they have lacked for generations is a way of keeping their money safe without having to rely on a trusted third party. Now that Bitcoin exists, they have the means to keep an unlimited amount of money safe from the predators of the State. They also have the means to keep what they own actually secret. Its theoretically possible to keep an huge amount of money in Bitcoin without anyone knowing who you are or where you are, and rather than keeping it in one address, you could spread it over thousands of addresses, so that its indistinguishable from noise on the Blockchain. A software solution could concatenate the balances of these addresses so that it appears as a single number.

    Combined with all the other advances in the pipeline, this spells the end of the rich using banks to keep their money. It also spells the end of the violent jealousy soaked Socialists getting hold of information that they have no right to access. It means no more snivelling little brainwashed employees doing a MYSQLDUMP on the customer database and handing it to "authorities" for a reward.

    And of course, the same advantages that the rich have in keeping their money safe from theft will extend to every man, at a cost of zero. The common man will never have to pay any fine, tax or State imposed fee or charge ever again. The theft revenue of the State will dry up, and they wont be able to steal automatically. Bitcoin is win for all men not just the rich.

    Society will be transformed into a purely voluntary model, where highly targeted and efficient charity replaces theft, and responsibility for your infrastructure and fellow man falls squarely on your shoulders. Since society will be awash with money thanks to the elimination of the State, you will find that all the beneficial structures and services will not only remain intact, but will be vastly improved.

    Take for example the dying NHS service in the UK, which is running out of money, constantly in crisis and which the State cannot ever fix. In a free society, where the 60% of people's incomes lost to taxation were instead paid to them, the NHS would be awash with money, and of course, removing the State from the equation and answerable to its funders directly would make it highly efficient. There is nothing wrong with the desire to provide healthcare to everyone for free; the question is how you pay for it. The Bitcoin world will not make community funded healthcare impossible; it will empower it, expand it and make it better than it ever was.

    This HSBC story and the nauseating jealousy behind it is one of the last of its kind. As the world moves towards Bitcoin as its money, there will be no internal database to leak, no bitter, pimple faced staffer to leak it, and no bank for him to work at.

    This is a win for everyone; and only the completely moronic think that the rich are not "like them"; they are identical in every way that matters, and the State preys on the poor with the same vicious and brutal blood-lust as they do the rich. We can't expect readers of The Grauniad to understand this, but it doesn't matter what they can or cannot understand; gravity pulls down and Bitcoin will cause their "fair" world to be stillborn.

  2. What is interesting, is that this so called international group of journalist, never attack US Bank!

    HSBC is the largest non US Bank, regarding all other targets of this international group of journalist…It's clear this group doesn't touch to any USA interest.

    Same as GreenPeace :)

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