Court: No Surveillance Records for FBI Terrorist

The United States Supreme Court without comment denied Adel Daoud, a 21 year old FBI trained terrorist, access to secret court orders which authorized electronic surveillance against him. Without access to the documents authorizing surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act there is no practical means for Daoud to mount a legal defense against the legality of the surveillance he was placed under. Daoud was arrested for triggering a device outside of a Chicago bar which was provided to him by the FBI and which the FBI swears they told him was a bomb.

Training and encouraging terrorists is standard operating procedure for the modern morally bankrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lacking actual terrorists or other criminals to pursue the FBI resorts to luring vulnerable youth into role playing their terrorist busting fantasies with them. The FBI has gone so far in its pursuit of vulnerable youth to lure that it has out of thin air invented both the supply and demand side of the darkmarket ricin trade.

Youth who end up victimized by the FBI's online grooming program and lured into joining the FBI's live action role play often end up suffering serious long term consequences. While the FBI agents get the afterglow and professional advancement that follows these live action role play scenarios, the end result is that the victimized youth ends up suffering actual arrest, trial, and incarceration. The youth victimized in this manner and committed to explicit incarceration in the American prison state is a not unsubstantial contributor to their world leading per capita incarceration rate.

Given the expense of trying and incarcerating these victimized youth, the FBI's present rate of predation is likely unsustainable as the United States already has substantial trouble funding various "Homeland Security" departments. In the long term the FBI also faces the risk of accidentally culturing youth into being terrorists that escape their controlled role playing environment such that they develop actual explosives or ricin instead of being restricted to FBI approved counterfeits. The security and terrorism theater which supports fiat law enforcement appears to be headed towards an eventual collapse due to entropy and a set of habits which focuses their apparatus and organizational culture on imagined threats of their own invention.

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