Coin-Swap Exchange Users Unable To Withdraw Their Coins

An increasing number of users of the altcoin exchange Coin-Swap are complaining about the inability to withdraw their coins from the exchange and claim that their support tickets and emails are yet to be acknowledged. The Coin-Swap exchange features over 50 altcoins which trade against bitcoin, dogecoin and more recently, paycoin.

Coin-Swap, which was launched in January 2014 by Ian Childress, was sold to scammer Josh Garza at the end of December 2014. Having gutted Coin-Swap's trading engine for use in Paybase, it would appear the exchange is now abandoned despite remaining online and continuing to accept deposits from unwitting users.

Earlier this month, purveyors of scam coins such as Litecoin demanded Coin-Swap remove their coin from the exchange after having found out that Coin-Swap had been sold to other scammers. The demands, while quickly met, sparked a hilarious situation in which altcoin scammers quickly clamoured to be seen as sanctimonious by requesting the removal of their own coin as well.

One thought on “Coin-Swap Exchange Users Unable To Withdraw Their Coins

  1. Yep, I wish I'd read this today before depositing there for the first time. Lost $100 in Dogecoin. It "allows" you to withdraw, but the withdrawal is non existant, and the blockchain never shows it. :( Stay away from this 'exchanger'. Too bad, it looked good on the outside…

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