CAVIRTEX Shutting Down, Withdrawals "Temporarily Disabled"

CAVIRTEX, Canada's most prominent CAD-BTC exchange and staunch advocate for government regulation, announced earlier today that it will cease operations effective March 25th, 2015.

Citing concerns about leaked 2FA secrets and compromised passwords on its servers, the firm has decided to close its doors for good. Allegedly, just from the "potential compromise," CAVIRTEX's reputation has been so badly damaged that it couldn't possibly go on. This, despite the fact that it's been the largest volume CAD-BTC exchange in Canada since inception and that it was able to operate in apparent good conscience for some 14 months after absconding with the 4,000 BTC it fleeced from investors via Havelock "Ya, we also did NeoBee" Investments in December 2013.

Speaking of said delisting debacle, CAVIRTEX has made it plain that they "intend" to communicate with "loyal shareholders" sometime "in the near future." However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and CAVIRTEX's history of betraying trust doesn't bode well for said shareholders bagholders.

This news comes hot on the heels of the formerly-second-largest Canadian exchange, Vault of Satoshi, closing its doors, leaving Vancouver-based Quadriga CX as the last man standing, aside from bitcoin-otc, of course.

As of this writing, no new deposits to CAVIRTEX will be accepted, and BTC and LTC withdrawals are "temporarily" disabled.

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