Australian Drug Trafficker Pleads Guilty

An Australian man, who was a member of the Rebels MC at the time of his arrest, today plead guilty to charges of drug trafficking after he was arrested in 2014 for the importation of MDMA, cocaine and amphetamines despite the drugs being intercepted by police in the Australian states of Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Crown prosecutor Darryl Coates told the court that ex-bikie Nicholas Mark Stebbins purchased more than two kilograms of amphetamines and AUD $500,000 worth1 of MDMA and used bitcoin to pay for the drugs so as to avoid using banks. Police also stated that Stebbins made a total of 17 financial transactions to China. It's unknown if these transactions were made using Bitcoin.

Stebbins, who initially plead not guilty to the charges, has yet to disclose the source of the money which allowed him to purchase bitcoins in order to pay for the drugs.

  1. US $394,311 

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