Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution

Stephen Johnson, commander of the official state apparatus for dispensing violence in Miami Gardens, has been arrested and fired after soliciting a prostitute as part of another law enforcement agency's sting operation. Johnson's predecessor was removed from office for overseeing a period of history in which the Miami Gardens police department singled out a law abiding citizen and his employer for harassment hundreds of times. The dismal situation in Miami Gardens is just a small part of the larger trend in the United States where law and law enforcement have become irreparably detached from actual justice.

Anti-Integrity Advocates Push Netflix to Break Contracts

Two days after the United States Federal Communications Commission decided to bring "Network Neutrality" regulations to the Internet in their country, an editorial in Ars Technica is advocating that prominent corporate advocate for these changes Netflix use the rules to break its contracts with a number of Internet Service Providers by having regulators impose more favorable terms for them in their relationships with other businesses. Continue reading

CEO Of Bitcoin Exchange Killed In Thailand

Independent Reserve CEO Adam Tepper has died as a result of a motorbike accident in Thailand. Tepper, who is alleged to have not been wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, either struck his head on a street sign early Thursday morning according to the Phuket Gazette1 or slammed into a parked trailer Wednesday night as reported by the mainstream Australian television network 7News. Captain Thada Sodarak of the Chalong Police said: Continue reading

  1. Another Thai news outlet confirms that Tepper hit a pole and was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital, not Thalang Hospital as claimed by 7News. 

Chinese Yuan Passes Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong Dollars in International Use

A new report by SWIFT shows that the Chinese Yuan (RMB) rising in use for international payments compared to a number of other nationally issued currencies. This surge highlights the constant instability suffered by users of fiat currencies as the increased internationalization of the RMB makes it more difficult for the users of other alternative national currencies to market their chosen value token to new users. The RMB is presently the fifth most popular national currency for payments usage behind the United States dollar, the Euro, the Pound which was formerly Sterling, and the Japanese Yen. The Yen is particularly vulnerable to losing adoption and popularity versus the RMB as it is only 0.52% more popular as of the time covered by this SWIFT report.

Inside The Bitcoin Mine Of Antpool & BW.com

Images which allegedly depict the site of two of the alleged largest bitcoin mining farms in world have been shared via the Chinese blogging site Weibo. The photos showcase what is home to the alleged miners of Antpool and BW.com, which as of today represents 19.2% and 7.9% of the hashrate respectively.

The text accompanying the images claims1 10% of the miners are perhaps resold as cloudminers and that the 100 petahash operation mines or has mined 1077 BTC with an "output value of 1.6 million a month." Continue reading

  1. That is if Google translate is to be believed. If you can read Chinese and translate accurately to English, please get in touch. 

Missouri State Auditor Dies of Gunshot Wound

Missouri state auditor and leading candidate for Missouri Governor Tom Schweich died today1 of a gunshot wound described as "self inflicted" by the media. Schweich was a notable force against corruption in government battling efforts to squander the bountiful resources collected from taxpayers at every turn. His death was "confirmed by his office" mere hours after placing numerous phone calls to media outlets requesting and scheduling interviews for later today. Four months ago he was elected to a second term as auditor by 73 percent of voters.

  1. cached version generated by archive.today and hosted here as a .zip archive  

BitGo Offers Insurance The FDIC Way

BitGo, a company which offers bitcoin hot wallet and cold storage solutions for both individuals and enterprises, has annouced they will now be offering an insurance policy for paid customers. The company prides itself in having the "best" bitcoin web wallet. In fact, their website displays in a large heading "More than just a wallet" offering "Advanced Security", and "24×7 monitoring" for the "World's leading Bitcoin Companies" which includes the known scam Bitcoin Shop and Bitstamp. One of Bitstamp's operational hot wallets was hacked earlier this year, but the hot wallets are now managed by BitGo's enterprise services as indicated by a testimonial on the front page by Bitstamps's CEO: Continue reading

NY "Environmental Protection" Raid Drives Suicide

Yesterday Dell's Maraschino Cherries in Brooklyn was raided by the New York Department of Environmental Protection and the Brooklyn District Attorney's office under the pretext of searching for violations of environmental protection regulations. The pretext was used because law enforcement had "received a tip" that the thriving cherry business was being used as a front for an operation engaging in marijuana commerce. The "tip" however was insufficiently credible to justify a search warrant from a judge. Continue reading