Use And Read Books? That's A Paddlin'

Last December, Qntra was the first English language news site to report on the raids by Spanish police at the cybersquat known as Kasa de la Muntanya and while police raids and squats are typically of no import, this raid was notable for the squat's association with a Bitcoin wallet project known as the Dark Wallet. Vice's Motherboard has now posted an update which contains quotes which would be hilarious if not for the fact they were made by the Judge presiding over the matter.

Despite no formal charges having yet been made public and the continued refusal by the Judge to make available the police report, Judge Gomez Bermudez saw fit to comment on the use of the defendants choice of email provider and reading material. A quote from Vice's article reads:

Early media reports suggested that those charged may have played a role in the destruction of ATMs around the city in 2012 and 2013, but that report hasn't been confirmed, because the Spanish judge presiding over the case has refused to make the official police report public. However, Judge Gomez Bermudez noted this week that the defendants "were using emails with extreme security measures, such as" The defendants were also accused of having a book called Against Democracy and of having a "internal organizational and bureaucratic structures." also shared concerns via a press release dated January 6th 2015 that use of their services is being treated as a crime or worse, terrorism. It reads:

We reject this Kafka-esque criminalization of social movements, and the ludicrous and extremely alarming implication that protecting one’s internet privacy is tantamount to terrorism.

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