Troubled EgoPay cries "Hack"

Payments processor EgoPay which has been troubled since at least December recently issued a blog post stating that they have fired employees likely responsible, and that the source of their problems was likely internal to their company. The full text of the post is preserved below for posterity.

In December 2014, we discovered a hack that was being perpetrated by someone related to our company and office. Today we now know that even the site was hijacked during this weekend (Jan 17-18). We have since regained control on everything, but in order to minimize any further losses we felt the need to completely bring the web-site down until we can get control from these criminals.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and will further communicate any news on this site. In summary, we can say the following: – there was a hack and that is why all the merchant related services were turned off – there is talks with an outside investor who is doing due diligence – the employees that were possibly involved or incompetent, have all been fired while investigations continue Due to the above, tickets slowed down since there were no more employees to handle it, however this looks like it is getting rectified as a new team is being assembled to handle this.

The services are coming back online already along with any exploits already cut off. This was most likely an inside job, but investigations will reveal more in the coming weeks.

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