Theymos Claims Josh Garza Is Sending Him Legal Threats To Have Content Removed

Theymos, owner of and a moderator of /r/bitcoin, is claiming that he has been on the receiving end of legal threats from Josh Garza and his legal team. Garza is claimed to be demanding the removal of things from /r/bitcoin and the forums although it is not known which content Garza specifically takes offense to given much of what is being posted – such as claims of a $20 floor for Paycoin set by Garza and his $100 million backing in private funds – are known to have been said by Garza despite his attempts to re-write history by modifying previous posts.

Asked his opinion of GAW's founder Josh Garza and Paycoin itself, Theymos said:1

From what I've read, GAW Miners used to be a decent hardware company. However:

  • Paycoin is really stupid.
  • Cloud mining in general is a very dangerous field to invest in. (As if mining wasn't dangerous enough…)
  • Jeff Garza and his lawyers keep sending me legal threats to try to get me to remove things from /r/Bitcoin and, which is extremely suspicious and annoying.

I recommend avoiding them as much as possible.

Theymos' forum has a lengthy history of enabling scammers, such as Butterfly Labs, to advertise their wares to unsuspecting victims. In fact, GAW Miners has been permitted to promote a paid signature campaign on the forums for some time.

Qntra first began sounding the alarm in regards suspicious claims made by GAW Miners back in October of 2014 and despite these warnings, it has largely gone ignored until the past few days whereby it has exploded all over /r/bitcoin.

  1. Theymos managed to confuse the names Jeff with Josh, clearly demonstrating he doesn't know who is running what scams via his own forum. It appears Theymos has now fixed this but screenshot anyway

4 thoughts on “Theymos Claims Josh Garza Is Sending Him Legal Threats To Have Content Removed

  1. This italic text is put here to demonstrate how shitty Garza is

    Thank you for reading this italic text

  2. has reputation of bad mouthing all altcoins in general. They want altcoins to die. Calling another altcoin "stupid" is unprofessional. I'm on Garza side.

  3. The FBI and Justice Department will be investigating Paycoin fraud allegations shortly.

    Next time stay anon like me, best way to build a ponzi scheme and not get caught.

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