Summary of MPEx Stocks and Funds December 2014

Monthly statements from stocks listed at the MPEx exchange have been released for December. Official reports are available at Trilema. Here are some highlights:

MPEx (S.MPOE) continued to derive most (93.6%) of its revenue from new account sign-ups. While the large amount of income from sign-ups represents the vast majority of the income, the company would still be profitable without these one-time payments; the December expenses only amounted to 59% of the revenue from trading fees. The company reported a total profit of 647.8 btc. This represents the highest profit reported by the company since August of 2013.

BitBet (S.BBET) reported a profit of 2.87 btc. Due to a mistake in the accounting, the wrong amount of dividends was paid to shareholders in December. This is a mistake similar to what happened in March last year (see the April 2014 BitBet Statement). What this means for shareholders is that there will be no dividend payments until the company makes a few more bitcoins of profit, which will probably be from one to three months, based on the recent performance of the company. (S.QNTR) issued 13`038 shares, less than half the previous month’s increase, but still an 11.9% increase in outstanding shares, or 142.5 annualized increase.

Mircea Popescu’s Investment Fund (F.MPIF) reported a profit of 0.0475%, which corresponds to an annualized yield of 0.57%.

In the arena of synthetic derivatives of bitcoin companies, the fund F.DERP (F.DERP) reported sales of “Derp” shares amounting to 27.09 btc, a 28.7% increase in total covered assets. In his monthly report, Mircea Popescu indicated that, due to low sales volume and the increase of USD against the bitcoin the past couple months, all “Derp” assets will have their asking price doubled. This will allow the price of these assets to fluctuate; people who bought in previously will be able to take some profit by selling the shares below this new price.

One thought on “Summary of MPEx Stocks and Funds December 2014

  1. January so far is > 3 BTC in revenues for BitBet, on the strength of the glut of New Year resolutions. It is likely that the credit will be resolved this current month with dividends forthcoming.

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