Robert Faiella AKA BTCKing Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Robert Faiella, better known as BTCKing and Charlie Shrem's partner in crime, was today sentenced to four years in prison for the part he played in selling USD $1 million worth of bitcoin to Silk Road users.

Using Shrem's BitInstant service, Faiella fulfilled orders by Silk Road users who wished to purchase bitcoins so as to then use them to buy their drug of choice via the Silk Road. Pleading guilty, former plumber1 Faiella told the court that his decision to act as a broker to people looking to purchase bitcoin came as a result of having no other way to support his family.

"At the time of the event, I saw no other way.. It still doesn't mitigate that I broke the law."

Faiella had faced a maximum of five years prison time for his heart breaking crimes.

  1. Mushrooms anyone? 

One thought on “Robert Faiella AKA BTCKing Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

  1. Another victimless crime. I mean, in this case the only victim was Robert Faiella. Today, when we look back, we see the absurdity of slavery. Is that our grandchildren will see the absurdity of these crimes (State crime, not Faiella's "crime")?

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