Police Offer Well Surveilled "Online Exchange Zone"

Columbia, Missouri police have recently unveiled an online exchange zone where people might exchange goods being bought and sold on the Internet. All that is necessary to take advantage of this "safe space" for transacting with other members of the public is arranging to meet in the lobby of the police station as this video so helpfully demonstrates. Also emphasized heavily in the video is that in this "safe space" you are prohibiting from bringing or transacting in weapons.

Implicit in the the nature of the location and the assertion of the police station being a "safe space" for conducting commerce, is that this location open 24 hours a day and 7 days per week is under constant surveillance. It is a bit confusing though that the Columbia Police department would be such an innovator in this space as they are one of the number of jurisdictions in which officers fraudulently sign up for ride sharing services in order to monitor and ticket drivers.

Motivation for this is also a bit perplexing, because as one of the fortunate University driven towns to have a thriving downtown scene there are no shortage of well lit populated venues in which one person may safely meet another for the purpose of conducting commerce. Places where in the course of conducting, or waiting to conduct your negotiated commerce you might enjoy food or drink as well engaging in commerce on top of your commerce.

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