McDonalds Creates Limited Redemption Altcoin

From February second through Valentines Day recycled food byproduct purveyor McDonald's will be minting and accepting the limited redemption of their own alternate currency. The currency will be allocated by fiat through a "Lovin' Lead" at each individual store that will select 100 customers at their location and offer them the chance to pay with the alternate currency. Those selected may commit a "Lovin' Act" as specified by the "Lovin' Lead" in order to pay for their "meal" at the cash register.

The "Lovin' Act" currency of course lacks any of the properties of a store of value in that it must be redeemed immediately and will have no value after February 14th. Its utility is also limited in being available only to those who have already committed to ordering "food products" from McDonald's and their immediate redemption only nature makes it impossible for the market to arrive at a fair price for "Lovin' Act" tokens.

The immediate redemption nature of the "Lovin' Act" alternate currency though imposes a far lesser counter party risk compared to other single entity backed alternate currencies. Paycoin backed singly by GAW, by contrast was teased with promises of a $20 floor though it presently trades at $1.85 while not being accepted for products offered by GAW in their online store.

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