LizardStresser Hacked, Customer Details Leaked

The Guardian reports that the Lizard Squad's LizardStresser serviced has been hacked, and reports of arrests of various members of the group continue to trickle in. All customer user names and passwords were stored as plaintext on the server. Postmortem statistics reported on the service include:

  • 14,241 registered users
  • Of which only a few hundred paid for the service
  • More than "$11,000 of Bitcoin" were collected by the service's operators

The Lizard Squad marketing campaign of successfully using denial of service attacks to take down the two major console based online gaming networks over Christmas seems to have gotten them a large number of registrants and a healthy income for less than a month of operation. On the other hand the law enforcement attention their marketing campaign attracted most likely doomed the service, especially since storing user data as plaintext indicates that the group likely made further and still graver lapses in technological and operational security.

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