Kidnappers Demand Ransom Be Paid With Bitcoin

Costa Rican tabloid Diario Extra reports the kidnapping of Canadian man Piercy Bate Ryan Craig. Craig, who is featured as a Costa Rican importer on the website ImportGenius, is being ransomed for a total of US $500,000 payable in bitcoin.

While it's not evident that the kidnappers are regular readers of the #bitcoin-assets logs, it's clear that this attempt to extort bitcoin in exchange for the release of a prisoner won't be the last and is something sure to grow as would be kidnappers realise the superiority of bitcoin over fiat when demanding ransoms.

3 thoughts on “Kidnappers Demand Ransom Be Paid With Bitcoin

  1. Looking back on that piece of history, I really though MP's foresight was for a more distant future time. Although Bitcoin is still a baby, it seems to grow quite rapidly.

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