Group Proposes Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Ratings Criteria

A group referring to itself as the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project has recently released a draft set of criteria for comment that they would like to use for evaluating and rating different Bitcoin wallets from a privacy perspective. The criteria include a number of points about wallet behavior alongside a number of other factors. The heading under which their proposed criteria fall include:

  • Receiving Addresses
  • Change Addresses
  • Sender Privacy vs Blockchain Observers
  • Receiver Privacy
  • Sender Privacy vs Network Observers

On each point the group seeks to evaluate wallets on both feature completeness and user experience in terms of "minimum number of clicks to perform action" so as to standardize the rubric across different wallets paradigms. Across each of the points the criteria sets out behavior to be encouraged and discouraged by default.

The proposal is hosted on the group's Github.

4 thoughts on “Group Proposes Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Ratings Criteria

  1. Why don't they fork an existing wallet (or start from scratch) and implement all of these criteria? Now that would be awesome.

  2. You know if at any point you mentioned the group = "Kristov Atlas, Justus Ranvier, Chris Pacia, Samuel Patterson" it'd have saved me a click.

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