ESPN Sold Their Bitcoins

The New York Post reports that ESPN Events, the operator of the Bitcoin Bowl, sold their $500,000 rights payment delivered in Bitcoin by BitPay immediately upon receipt. Further the two competing schools accepted their appearance fee in dollars. BitPay is still under contract to sponsor this bowl game for two more years giving ESPN two more chances and various schools four more chances to hold the Bitcoin BitPay offers.

One interesting possibility raised by the circumstances surrounding the Bitcoin Bowl is that in the next two years of BitPay's sponsorship, the University of Central Florida might get a second chance to accept their payment in Bitcoin and accept the payment in Bitcoin as opposed to United States dollars the next time around. Because of conference Bowl affiliations and the University of Central Florida's consistent performance within their conference they have appeared in half of the St Petersburg Bowls held so far under various sponsors.

One metric that should be encouraging for BitPay and others is that according to Nielsen the Bitcoin Bowl pulled in more than three million viewers and won the day in cable television viewership.

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