CSM Profiles Homero J Garza, Serial Entrepreneur

Today the Christian Science Monitor published an profile of Homero "Josh" Garza featuring selection from an interview they conducted before the North American Bitcoin conference. Most of the information in the profile is not going to be new to anyone who has been following the GAW saga, but the profile covers Garza's history of serial entrepreneurship from Optima Technology and Great Awk Wireless to GAW Miners.

The profile of Garza illustrates a sort of unfocused "entrepreneurship" that will be in the future increasingly disrupted rather than enabled as Bitcoin moves beyond its prolonged land rush phase. A man that failed to fulfill a contract to deliver Internet access being able to build a business on the strength of sending money to a vendor that failed to deliver mining equipment to him, because in his naivety he failed to identify a capable vendor is a phenomenon to be rendered impossible in the future. Constantly retargeting one's business every few months because the previous target was not viable and pretending the whole business is viable in spite of none of its activities having been viable will become impossible in the future.

This Christian Science Monitor piece frames Garza appropriately as a relic potentially interesting to archaeologists. A man who enriched himself on his ability to ride a cascade of failure to wealth and Ferrari ownership.

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