ChangeTip Spam Moves Beyond Twitter, Youtube & Reddit

ChangeTip today announced the release of an additional product feature that they're calling the One Time Tip Link. OTTL enables ChangeTip users to take their tipping beyond Twitter, YouTube and Reddit by allowing them to send tips to people via email and SMS.. at least that is how ChangeTip has decided to market the addition of OTTL to their controversial platform.

In reality, OTTL can be used to send tips anywhere a link can be posted such as forums, IRC and Skype. As the name suggests, the way in which OTTL works is by requiring the tipper to denominate the size of the tip they wish to send whereby it is linked to a unique URL from which the tip can be redeemed by the first person to follow the link, whether the tip was intended for them or not. Despite such a flaw, ChangeTip are warning users that it is their job to keep that link private instead of encouraging them to instead request a Bitcoin address from the person they wish to tip with bitcoin.

Unlike Coinapult's Bitcoin SMS service, ChangeTip's does not support the sending of bitcoin to users who own a dumb/feature phone, rendering the already next to useless service useless to non smart phone users.

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