Blacklisted In Russia has been added to a list of domains names forbidden within the Russian Federation. Despite being approved for blacklisting back in September of 2014, it is only today that the ban has gone into effect. The decision to approve the ban was made by the суд otherwise known as the Federal Court Registry.

A search of the register shows the following information for the address:

Update – Gigaom has further information which shows that five domains have been blacklisted, they are:

  • BTCsec .com

4 thoughts on “ Blacklisted In Russia

  1. They must be doing SOMEthing right to get on that list…

  2. суд == court. Nothing exotic there.

  3. WTF. The State is an interesting experiment, too bad that guinea pigs are human beings.

  4. but not Coinbase. DERP. Глупо России правительство , выпитый на власти, подпитывается cimputer iliteracy , спотыкаясь aroung и разрушая все шансы , которые они получают , чтобы доминировать.

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