Summary of MPEX Stocks November 2014

Monthly statements from stocks listed at the MPEX exchange have been released for November. Official reports are available at Trilema. Here are some highlights:

MPEx (S.MPOE) continued to derive most (86.8%) of its revenue from new account sign-ups. They reported a total profit of 170.606389024 btc. Share prices dropped significantly over the month, hitting a high of 0.00086038 before dropping to a low of 0.00030027 btc per share.

BitBet (S.BBET) reported a profit of 9.753641475 btc.

Although (S.QNTR) started experimenting with ads, no revenue has been generated so far. The company issued 29`082 shares, a 26.5% increase in outstanding shares.

(F.DERP) Reported sales of “Derp” shares amounting to 23.79565596 btc, a 33.6% increase in covered assets. Although the previous month report indicated some shares would be sold, no shares of the fund were released last month; releasing some shares to the public is planned for sometime in the near future.

Mircea Popescu’s Investment Fund (F.MPIF) still holds a large portion of their capital as bitcoin due to a lack of suitable investment opportunities. Profit from their BitBet betting strategy drove a small, 0.048% increase of equity.

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