Spanish CyberSquat Raided in 'Counter-Terrorism' Operation

There are report that Kasa de la Muntanya has been raided by Spanish police for its connections to Anarchist activity in an operation that has been described as being "Counter-Terrorism" in nature. At least 11 people have been arrested. Kasa de la Muntanya had in the past been profiled by the BBC as being a 'Cyber Squat' and has been described by Julia Tourianski on Twitter as a place that housed several families. An online profile describes Kasa de la Muntanya as a social center which has been occupied since 1989.

The Mossos carrying out the raid under instructions from the National Court have been seizing electronic devices, computers, tools, and toys as they search the premises. The Officers also removed a tree in the process of gaining ingress. One of the more notable libertarian projects associated with the technologically oriented group at Kasa de la Muntanya is the Dark Wallet project.

It remains to be seen if law enforcement in other jurisdictions will also begin investigating and persecuting libertarian and anarchist groups under the guise of 'Counter Terrorism" efforts. As always it is advised that persons involved in Bitcoin make sure they do not have to invent the parachute at the moment they require it.

2 thoughts on “Spanish CyberSquat Raided in 'Counter-Terrorism' Operation

  1. Hey! Great the post. I was today in the demostration and was quite big, around 2000 people, and there ware others 15 demos around spain with some arresteds too :(

    Thanks for solidairty!

    • You're welcome. This story is some serious news, but… it seems everyone else in the English language space is avoiding it.

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