New Zealand Couple Avoid Jail For Drugs Imported Via Silk Road Like Site

A couple from New Zealand who were charged with various drug related crimes after having ordered drugs from a Silk Road type site, have escaped a jail sentence despite the Crown prosecutor's suggestion that imprisonment was the appropriate punishment.

In September 2013, NZ custom officers intercepted three packages post marked from Germany and Belguim. The packages, which were addressed to Daniel Fowler's partner Lisa Clark, contained 201 ecstasy pills and 16 grams of cannibis. Fowler later admitted to police that the drugs were for him, not his girlfriend. Having executed a search warrant, police also discovered the growing of cannabis plants. Later, police found that Fowler was selling cannabis to boot.

Judge Philip Recordon, who described Fowler's actions as "naivety rather than stupidity", sentenced him to home detention for a period of one year.

Lisa Clark, who plead guilty to possession of Class B and C drugs, had no conviction recorded, having successfully argued that it would impede her ability to find work as a nurse in the future. Judge Recordon remarked that a conviction for "silly things" would affect her future in a disproportionate manner. Clark had also been charged with importing Ecstasy but that charged was dropped.

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  1. Yet guy goes away from 44 months for essentially being Eminem on Facebook? Does not compute.

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