Ford Motor Company: Bitcoin A Trend For 2015

Ford Motor Company have released the 2015 version of their "Looking Further with Ford" publication which looks at future trends. Put together by Sheryl Connelly of Global Consumer Trends and Futuring at Ford, she cites Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Bitcoin as a trend for 2015 and beyond. Connelly writes:

Out with the purse and the messenger bag—today, people don’t want to carry stuff, and increasingly, they don’t need to. Bitcoin, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are displacing the need for physical wallets and money clips. The rise of subscription-based shopping services means we can avoid the store. Wearable gadgets and smartphone apps have dismantled the need for physical keys. With these technologies, consumers are able to pare necessities down to their essence—less baggage, more nimbleness. Across the globe, the advent of these technologies brings a transformation in the mechanics of how we pay, how and where we are marketed to, and who we trust with our most valuable information. Convenience is at a premium, and consumers are opting in for it—but at what price?

The publication also mentions and its use in money remittance.

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