BitPay Yet To Release Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 Stats

Despite a promise that 2014's Bitcoin Black Friday, held on November 28th, would be bigger, better, bestest than ever before, BitPay are yet to release any data for the event, something which they were quick to make public in previous years.

In fact, there is little information coming from anyone associated with the event. published an article in which they cite Bitnet's1 calculation that USD $296 million was processed by the Bitcoin network on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There is no data which suggests this figure is attributable to BBF but that didn't stop Roger Ver, an investor in BitPay, from retweeting the article while ignoring requests for further information from other twitter users.

In a post made last week on /r/bitcoin, someone claiming to be BBF Founder Jon Holmquist, said he was in the process of collecting stats from merchants. The post reads:

The stats we got so far indicate a lot more Bitcoiner participation, less newcomers.

I think the addition of NewEgg/Overstock/Other big guys will help the total amount of sales generated.

I'm reaching out to everyone for stats on Monday (since some stores are doing deals throughout the weekend) and we shall see. Good or bad it's getting posted.

Given neither Holmquist or BitPay are in a rush to publish stats as done so last year, it's likely that BBF 2014 was a non-event and did not break the sales records set in 2013. A proposition that BitPay would process more than $12M also failed to attract much attention, but what little money was wagered suggested the outcome would be a No.

  1. Bitnet is a payment processor much like BitPay and Coinbase. 

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