BitPay Forget To Renew Domain Name

In February of this year, BitPay launched an open source JavaScript library titled Bitcore. The project aims to encourage and assist developers in building software which interfaces with the Bitcoin network. Unfortunately, it appears someone at BitPay has inadvertently allowed the domain registration to lapse and it now sits in pending delete status.

The current WHOIS information:

Domain :
Status : pendingDelete
Expiry : 2014-12-10

Previous WHOIS information:

Domain :
Status : Live
Expiry : 2014-12-10

NS 1 :
NS 2 :
NS 3 :
NS 4 :

Owner : Stephen Pair
Owner : Bitpay, Inc
Owner : 3423 PIEDMONT RD NE!Ste 200
Owner : Atlanta
Owner : GA
Owner : US

The renewal policy for the .io TLD states that reminders are sent at six, four and two weeks prior to the expiry date. BitPay have confirmed they are working on having the domain reinstated.

One thought on “BitPay Forget To Renew Domain Name

  1. I don't blame them. You can't register a domain name, web/email hosting or support ongoing/renewing payments with bitcoin!

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