Bitcoin Alliance of Canada Founder Steps Down

A circulating press release which made its way to Digital Journal reports that Anthony Di Iorio, founder of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is stepping down as Executive Directory. The release cites a desire to focus on his businesses and his family. Among his his replacement's businesses are CaVirtex which is a Canadian Bitcoin exchange, and a venture that refers to itself as the Bitcoin Strategy Group.

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Alliance of Canada Founder Steps Down

  1. Hmm. I'm not sure that Anthony has anything to do with the CaVirtex scam. Though he's most certainly part of the Ethereum scam and the Kryptokit in-browser webwallet scam.

    His strategy was most definitely to fleece Redditards as much as possible. Now that they're pretty well broke and dead, he can quietly retire.

  2. Aha.. So after reading the press release it's Anthony's replacement that's part of the "Bitcoin Strategy Group" and the CaVirtex scam, one Mr. Kyle Kemper. If the public comments of CaVirtex's CEO vis-a-vis the necessity of government regulation is any indication, Kemper smells like at least as much of a rat as Di Iorio. I'd expect more public fellating of the Feds from this new guy.

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