Belarus Experiences Bonanza/Currency Panic

In dueling narratives in today's news headlines in Belarus the country is simultaneously experiencing both a trade bonanza and a currency panic to which strong capital controls have been imposed in response. As this happens a Russian Member of Parliament hinted in a tweet that if President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko warms relations with the west in an effort to improve economic prospects he might face a fate similar to Libya's Ghaddafi who fell in a coup supported by the United States after entering into a détente.

 Алексей Пушков @Alexey_Pushkov
С США пытались дружить Милошевич, Каддафи, С.Хуссейн. Их судьба известна. Теперь США предлагают "новые отношения" Лукашенко. Опыт опасный…
12:07 AM – 22 Dec 2014

This struggle between conflicting forces of trade, currency, and opportunities for political coercion creates a tense situation that merits further observation. For all but the absolutely least risk averse parties seeking unique trade opportunities this situation affords observation is probably best done safely, well outside of Belarus.

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