50 Cent on Accepting Bitcoin

On the Seth Meyers' Late Night show, rapper 50 Cent described his feelings about the cryptocurrency:

Seth Meyers: You um…Your last album…Cause I do think that you've always, sort of, been ahead of the curve, in social media and stuff like that. You uh…your last album, you actually accepted Bitcoin for it.

Fiddy: Yeah. Yeah, you know all money's money.

Seth Meyers: Yea, that's a good way of putting it. And do you feel as though. Were you happy with how those interactions went?

Fiddy: Yeah. Yeah, I, you know, I accepted the online change, you know, early on. A lot of my peers were, you know, resistin' it because it made them feel, like, normal.

Seth Meyers: Mmm. Hmm.

Fiddy: Like everyone else was doin' it. Like the, so, "Nah I don't wanna do that. I'm a star." I tell you, they should feel that point. Like when people go outside and you're in the house and you're like, "I don't wanna go out there. There's so many people out there." And then I'd be like, "You know. You may be inside hidin' and ain't nobody outside no more." And your friends. And I don't wanna be the guy inside hidin' when there's no one outside anymore.

It is unknown whether the rapper has held any of the record's Bitcoin revenue rather than liquidating it to fiat.

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  1. Would someone translate this to English please?

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