Vessenes' Bitcoin Foundation Publishes Telling Survey Results.

According to the latest survey results from the USG's Bitcoin Foundation,1 only half of the 225 individual members surveyed even like USGavin et al.2 No report on whether this has anything to do with their insertion of Heartbleed into Bitcoin Core or their continued attempts to increase the block size and thereby compromise the Bitcoin network's security.

Other individual survey results of note are that 80.74% of members are from the US and Europe,3 46.08% would like to see more "Core Development" going forward,4 and 54.5% don't want any membership perks going forward and just "joined to support the cause."

Seventeen member businesses were also surveyed, of which none are from Africa or Asia.5 These businesses displayed similar but not identical results to the individuals surveyed, differing primarily in their preference for "Education / Outreach / Marketing" over "Core Development" as an objective moving forward.6

Other business survey results of note are that members are primarily joining the Foundation to "Provide a channel for press releases / news" and "Connect to investors," and that a whopping 58.82% "like" or "strongly like" the organisation. More than half!

Thirty-nine respondents from Reddit were also surveyed, of which 57.5% were concerned about Bitcoin's scalability, 45% were worried about regulation, 56.41% wanted the Foundation to "Provide core dev training via developer conferences/workshops."

These numbers paint a picture of altruistic individuals, businesses looking for marketing platforms, and basement dwellers who want to be teh CEO of Bitcoin.

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't.

  1. Not to be confused with the Bitcoin Foundation incorporated on #bitcoin-assets. 

  2. 50.44% "like" or "strongly like." The rest either "strongly dislike," "dislike," or are "neutral." 

  3. Only 0.92% of respondents are from Africa, 1.83% are from South America, 10.09% are from Asia, and 6.42% are from Canada/Mexico. 

  4. 28.11% would like to see more "Education / Outreach / Marketing" going forward. That marketing

  5. USA has 37.5% of the "Bitcoin businesses," Europe has 31.25%, Canada/Mexico has 6.25%, and South America has 25%. 

  6. Of interest is that zero percent of the businesses surveyed would like to see "Thought Leadership" coming from the Bitcoin Foundation moving forward. Zero! Maybe they're finding thought leadership elsewhere

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