Sir Richard Branson: "Discuss Bitcoin At Next Month's G20 Summit"

With Virgin Galatic having failed to take him to the moon these past few days, Sir Richard Branson has penned an op-ed for the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association. Published on October 30th, Branson talks about his passion for Bitcoin but cites that it has its problems.

"While many of us are excited about the possibilities Bitcoin has to offer, I’m not sure any of us would argue that it comes without problems. There undoubtedly needs to be work done to ensure that Bitcoin operates under a best practice regulatory regime."

Branson also called for Bitcoin to be discussed at next month's G20 summit to be held in Brisbane, Australia.

"Next month’s G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia offers a great opportunity to keep the conversation around Digital Currencies going. One of the great things about all the innovations we are seeing in both currency and payment is that the technology is lowering cost and increasing convenience, therefore it’s crucial that everyone has the understanding and access to enable it to work for them. Making sure that conversations around this are happening at the highest level will hopefully result in common sense reforms to areas such as taxation and law enforcement, which will be of real benefit to all concerned."

The full piece can be read at the ADCCA website.

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