MtGox Trustee Moves to Repay Creditors, Work With Kraken

According to the New York Times, the liquidator in the MtGox bankruptcy case is moving in the direction of repaying creditors and will partner with the Fiat/Bitcoin exchange Kraken to do so. Among assistance Kraken might offer to the trustee is an evaluation of Mt Gox's assets and help investigating the collapse of MtGox. Any decision to repay the customers with Bitcoin though would happen at the discretion of the Trustee. Jesse Powell of Kraken offered a few informative quotes:

On returning funds:

“Allowing the creditors to go on without reinvestment, I think, would be very wrong. We’ve got to have the money that was locked up for the last 10 months returned as soon as possible.”

And on reviving MtGox as a Brand:

“There are no assets, no brand. There is nothing to speak of to revive.”

3 thoughts on “MtGox Trustee Moves to Repay Creditors, Work With Kraken

  1. In other words Kraken will be joining the consultants that get to bill against the remaining MtGox funds.

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