Melanie Shapiro's CryptoLabs Launches GSM Enabled Hardware Wallet With Camera

CryptoLabs, a startup founded by Melanie Shapiro, today announced via TechCrunch the launch of their bitcoin hardware wallet named Case. In the introductory video, Shapiro describes Case as the easiest and most secure wallet, telling TechCrunch:

"We are the most secure option because we're a piece of dedicated hardware. We use multi-sig authentication. There are three keys and each of those keys is stored in a different location."

Case is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, a camera and is GSM enabled so that the wallet can be accessed in over 60 countries. Available for pre-order next month at a cost of around USD $200, the wallet will go on sale once it has become certified, but by who is unknown nor stated.

The Case website promotes a narrative that software wallets are "completely insecure" and that web wallets add too much complexity for users. Their solution, Case, promises that people won't have to choose between ease-of-use and security.

What could go wrong?

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One thought on “Melanie Shapiro's CryptoLabs Launches GSM Enabled Hardware Wallet With Camera

  1. As if GSM, fingerprint, camera were not repulsive enough – Hollywood 'R&D'.

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