mcxNow Says it is Becoming mtMOX

Alleged cryptocurrency exchange mcxNOW has shuttered again for a second consecutive winter, and purports to be reopening eventually under the new name mtMOX. The first winter shuttering occurred one month after conducting a public offering for "Fee Shares" on the platform. The announcement:

mcxNOW is changing

After 20 months of operation, only 6 hours downtime and nearly 40000 members mcxNOW is entering a new phase. A new team will be taking over the mcxNOW code base and all existing user accounts to help push the exchange forward. The new site will be named and will be up fairly shortly with a beta version of the new code being worked on. It will be as revolutionary as mcxNOW was originally in 2013.

On October 24 2014 an announcement was made telling users to withdraw all their coins. They were given until November 15 2014 to do so through the existing website. On November 16 this message replaced the existing site.

Instead of compromising users privacy with the new team running mcxNOW the decision was made to only bring forth the user accounts minus balances, logs, deposit addresses, withdraw addresses, etc. This information is going to be shredded. mcxFEE balances will be maintained on the new site but all other balances will not exist. The way mcxFEE works will also remain unchanged.

If you believe you have a balance at mcxNOW please use the chat link above to resolve it. Users will have until December 24 2014 to reclaim their funds through a manual process. Because it is a manual process a $50 charge will be applied. The team at mtMOX are not responsible for any balance maintained at mcxNOW.

We hope to see you at in the near future. You can use your mcxNOW login to gain access to the beta program. Thank you for your support.

The current page at directs visitors to a freenode IRC channel named #mtMOX and to the twitter account of mcxNOW proprietor Realsolid. RealSolid's first attempt at breaching into the business of cryptocurrency was creating an altcoin several months before the creation of Litecoin, and he named the creation SolidCoin. SolidCoin promised a bunch of new features, but only lasted 23 days in its first incarnation before early GPU miner ArtForz made the SolidCoin blockchain untenable and RealSolid retreated to work on SolidCoin 2. The second iteration of SolidCoin introduced a number of points of centralization and though its announcement was accompanied by bitterness, accusations, and drama nothing of consequence happened with the coin itself before RealSolid shuttered the endeavor to focus on making yet another iteration of SolidCoin. Then in April of 2012 SolidCoin 3.0, which would later be called MicroCash, was announced and remains vaporware to this day.

RealSolid during the summer of 2012 issued a solicitation for donations to speed up the development of MicroCash and managed to raise just over 265 BTC out of a goal of 250 BTC. His post soliciting funds, which made the release of SolidCoin 3.0/MicroCash seem imminent is quoted below for posterity:

So people are asking what is happening with MicroCash, especially in regards to me. There are 2 problems I ran into in late May.

1) Needing to make some money
2) Lack of motivation

In regards to money, I've been working in a near full time capacity on SolidCoin since late July 2011. For free. It's even cost me a decent amount of money to be involved with SolidCoin to this stage but I don't mind that. However I do have a family, a wife, and they do expect me to make money for them to keep them alive. Working for free doesn't provide much of that. I know people think I can spend the CPF or my own SC funds but I'm against this in principle. I don't like the idea of dumping SC when the market is so small. I know people think "one day" SolidCoin/MicroCash will be worth a lot but it's hard to sell that to a wife as I'm sure some of you may be aware!

In regards to motivation it could be due to my own internal pressures I was receiving from the family in regards to #1 , but it's also just the fact I had written a lot of code of MicroCash for 2 months straight, combined with a few other factors that perhaps got me a little burnt out. I feel like my motivation is returning though after some weeks off, as in it's becoming something I want to work on again due to the fun but free time isn't easy to come by these days.

Anyway, the BETA isn't _that_ far from being ready. Maybe a week or two of some hard coding. So here is where we are at.

I'll be willing to complete the beta as quickly as possible if people want to donate some BTC to me, this way I can show the wife it's more like a job than a hobby. As to the amount, I think 250BTC would be enough to get her off my back for the time required to finish the beta whilst simultaneously giving me more motivation (as people have paid me to work in essence).

If people don't want to do that, that is fine, I will code on the beta myself as I find the free time, as the other developers may too. The ETA of which is hopefully before the end of this year. There is too much new and exciting code in MicroCash for me to give up on it completely so that will never happen.

[Donation Progress]

Donate Address: 1ANPE51RXiRGaDs23YJYhxgNtMerGbdWKP

Current Progress: 252 BTC / 250BTC

More than two years since the announcement of SolidCoin 3.0/MicroCash's imminent release if only funding could be procured, the exchange mcxNOW was born and shutter twice. With mcxNOW supposing to reopen yet another time as mtMOX, it is time to wonder if like game studio Valve, RealSolid too can not count to 3.

5 thoughts on “mcxNow Says it is Becoming mtMOX

  1. Wow,thanks for this outstanding historical record! I didn't know Real Solid made 250BTC in 2 weeks! Amazing!

  2. At the time that was about fifty bucks or so.

    • Actually it would have been about $2500, and fallen as low as $1000 in the aftermath of the Pirateat40 and GLBSE collapses.

  3. So what's going on with the new site mtMOX? When it's going alive?

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