Irish Man Caught Up In Operation Onymous Alleged To Own US $2.3M In Bitcoin

A 33 year old Irish man caught up in Operation Onymous is alleged to have USD $1.5M stashed away in bank accounts located in Switzerland, Belize and Poland as well as USD $2.3M in bitcoin according to the Irish newspaper the Herald.

Police say they have spent three months tracking the man's activities on Silk Road 2.0 and building a brief of evidence during that time. Upon his arrest, police found US $285,000 worth of LSD and ecstasy resulting in the Herald newspaper labelling him Ireland's biggest drug dealer.

The man as well as an accomplice remain in custody at the Kevin Street and Kilmainham Garda police station.

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2 thoughts on “Irish Man Caught Up In Operation Onymous Alleged To Own US $2.3M In Bitcoin

  1. The dutch authorities also seized a bunch of servers(no people arrested) over $1 Million worth of BTC and €180.000 in cash.


    • By the way, is anyone keeping track of the amount of BTC governments around the world now control?

      Ireland has 2.3Million
      The Netherlands have 1 Million
      Austalia has 8.4 million

      Anyone know any more?

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