Introducing "Introducing Neals" Indiegogo Project

YTCracker, the father of nerdcore hip hop who over the years has produced a plethora of music characterised by computing, gaming and nerd themes and more recently known by bitcoiners for his single "Bitcoin Baron", has released his latest album titled "Introducing Neals".

Introducing Neals tells the story of Neals, a hacker "imprisoned by the The Syndicate for raging against the machine in the name of online privacy and net neutrality." While the album is a work of fiction, the events that take place are somewhat a reflection of the modern world we inhabit.

Launching an Indiegogo campaign with the goal of raising US $133,700, YTCracker needs help in order to turn the new album into an hour long musical anime, a portion of which can be viewed in the video below.

While Indiegogo doesn't accept bitcoin donations, YTCracker will and is providing additional perks for the cryptoballers who donate to his project including

"..personal hacking lessons, private concerts, or we can hang out and do science from the dark web."

Introducing Neals can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp and is also available via iTunes. Asked if it will be available to purchase with bitcoin, YTCracker told me:

"yea give me a bit…..get it… a bit"

Given La Serenissima lacks a bard, what is left to say other than it's time for YTCracker to get in the Bitcoin WoT.

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