GAW Miners Continue Scam While CoinFire Is Defaced

Yesterday CoinFire published an article titled "Is GAW Miners lying about partnerships? Telling statements from Walmart, Amazon, Target and More" in which some of the claims made by Josh Garza are proven to be false, specifically:

"I will say on a general level, we're working on getting Hashlets into mainstream stores, it won't be long before you'll walk into Target and see hashlets, it won't be long before you go on, we're *unintelligible* with the largest etailers in the country, that's our main strategy.. is to actually get em in mainstream stores."

As is typical of scammers, they always have an excuse which taken at face value appears plausible. Josh Garza is now claiming that the partnerships cannot be disclosed by either himself or partners due to non-disclosure agreements. This of course ignores the fact that Josh Garza is the only person who has claimed such deals are happening. Garza responds:

"First, since most of you did your homework and figured out who some of the partners of our company will be, (since we met with them earlier in the week,) then you can connect the dots on how we're able to connect with large merchants……

Second, I already over-stepped our NDA once by disclosing partnerships, and I won't do it again. All I will say is that if any company announced our partnership, they would be in violation of their NDA with us, too. We will respect and honor our agreements until the time that we can disclose them."

This all began with Josh Garza claiming Hashlets would appear in stores such as Target. In an attempt to cover up his obvious lies, Josh clearly confused his fake, non-existent miners1 with a debit card, claiming that it's actually Paycoin, another scam, that will be accepted by tier-one merchants, saying:

"Paycoin will be able to be used at tier-one merchants, either directly or through a debit card in the coming months."

All of the drama culminated today with the CoinFire website being defaced by someone claiming to be a GAW Miners customer. The defacement reads:


Qntra has previously pointed out the obvious lies by Josh Garza. GAW Miners are a scam and Homero Joshua Garza is a fraud.

Update – BitJane, the paid GAW shill has begun editing her posts in which she repeats Garza's comments stating relationships with the above mentioned companies. You can download a copy here.

  1. Placing an order with Bitmain with the proceeds from selling fake cloud miners is not proof you're a legitimate business, Josh Garza. 

10 thoughts on “GAW Miners Continue Scam While CoinFire Is Defaced

  1. It is quite shocking that so many people are out to tarnish GAW. Why? I have been a customer for under 3 months and I have nothing but admiration and respect for the honeat folks at GAW. I had one problem with a miner being locked, wrote GAW and within minutes my miner was unlocked, and I was given the ability to double my hash rate or select 2nd pool. The little I invested will return double digits and everyone I contacted regarding GAW, who started with then less than a year ago, has met or exceeded ROI. So before you spew toxic rubbish, give your readers actual facts, and prove how these facts hurt anyonne

  2. From GAW Miners:
    No digital or crypto-coin has ever launched with global partners and a 250 million dollar backing, nor with a partnership with e-commerce giants, Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target lined up, but Paycoin will.
    There is a new coin being developed on the Blockchain, and its name is Paycoin. Josh Garza, the CEO of GAWMiners, is not exaggerating when he says, “everything changes” with the initial coin offering, (ICO) of his innovative, e-commerce-friendly new coin.
    Paycoin is the first crypto coin ever to be launched with its own debit and credit cards, the first to be instantly accepted at major retailers, and the first to be listed on all the major crypto-currency exchanges.
    Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target are apparently buying it up in bargaining, while the CEO makes the case that his devoted “customers deserve the same participation,” so for once, the playing field has been leveled for small investors and loyal customers

  3. Sad article. You publish an article claiming that GAWminers "continues their scam" without providing any facts other than some random quotes. Hilarious.

  4. Another FUD thread! Only toxic garbage and haters allways gonna hate!

    Keep your FUD LOW!

    For now i ROI' from what i invested in gaw, and with paycoin, will roi once more.

    Only good things to say regarding GAW.

  5. I have to agree with the article. Pay coin is a scam.

  6. Billy bob Joe must be real… Just like this article. I have also ROI with GAW. Thanks fud dealers

  7. Exceptionally well ran scam, right up until they "had to pull the floor" for XPY.

  8. It seems with the last increase in the EVER DECREASING FEES (from 5000 to 10000 satoshi/day in about a month for revenues down to 11590 satoshi per day), and the all time low for returns that the people praising GAW will be quite shortly proven wrong. All their miners (SOLO) except the GENESIS ones now have negative returns and their HASHMARKET is collapsing (price down from about 15$ to slightly more than a buck on some "models"). But how would you pay for something that doesn't return anything? Follow the signs, they don't lie.

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